Rides to the doctor. Yard work. Simple grocery shopping. Even a friendly phone call now and then. When you volunteer with a senior, you’re helping with everyday tasks and something just as important. Independence.

Volunteers are needed for seniors right now. And right in your neighborhood. Sign up now for an info session.

I want to get involved. How does it work?

How it Works Chart Simply put, volunteers are matched with seniors. 1.  Learn more about opportunities to volunteer with seniors through Open Your Heart to Senior. 2.  Express Interest by filling out a short form, providing your contact information. 3.  Receive an email with more information about the programs and our upcoming information sessions. 4.  Attend an Info Session. 5.  Get Started! Program staff will provide task-specific information and initiate the volunteer application process.

Examples of Seniors Waiting for Help

Pat needs help.Once upon a time, June was an opera singer. Now, she’s 86 years old, retired, and blind living alone in her home. With family members all living out of town, she could sure use a friendly visitor who enjoys music and current events.
George takes a walkGeorge, his wife, and their beloved cat live in a senior high-rise. Since the 79 year-old veteran and his wife stopped driving a while ago, he needs rides to his various medical appointments once or twice a month.
Since her husband died, Margaret has been living with her daughter, Suzanne. They both would like some help with their household grocery shopping, and Margaret would like to accompany their volunteer to their local Giant Eagle.

Don't know where to start?

It’s okay. Click here to start searching for volunteer opportunities.

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